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Christian Athletic Association
4229 E. 29th Ave
Spokane, WA 99223

OFFICE: (509) 535-2189

FAX: (509) 535-3332


Franklin Park
Chief Garry
Clark Park
Cannon Park
Shadle Park
Harmon Park
Liberty Park

CAA Softball Rules.doc
Roster Waiver - Pg 1.doc
Roster Waiver - pg 2.doc

SCORES Please call 535-2189 or email your scores to kurt@caaspokane.com or Sharon@Caaspokane.com

I apologize for the delay on the web site. I am hoping to have basic functionality by 4/9/2007

I have implemented the schedule changes that were requested at the last meeting. Please DOWNLOAD and view your schedules.

Instruction: To download the Schedule RIGHT click on the